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The actress will be 2 years under probation and if she breaches any conditions of her trial periods she will be jailed for 8 months. The actress is charged for violent behavior against her beau who she met in in an adult entertainment bar. The actress is said to have a verbal conflict with her beau and when he refused to sit in the car she drove the car at him to terrorize him. After her beau testified the case to the police the actress practically choked him and injured his wrist by snapping them. The court further stated that they took the reality into consideration for the final verdict that the suspect has vowed not to ever come in connection with the victim and the victim himself was partly to blame for the disputes. When at the first it was thought that the actress in question was Ha Na Kyung, she refused but later on, she agreed that this article was about her.

Ha Na Kyung Responds After Being Sentenced By Courts For Dating Violence Against Boyfriend

Han Na-kyeong - Wikipedia

On October 24, it was reported that an actress was sentenced to eight months in prison which is suspended for two years on charges including special intimidation and violence. The actress is said to have met her boyfriend at an adult entertainment establishment in July , and was charged with multiple counts of dating violence against her boyfriend. She was investigated for getting in a verbal confrontation with her boyfriend at a restaurant in October and when her boyfriend refused to get in the car with her, she is said to have driven her car at him to intimidate him. When he reported the incident to the police, she is said to have choked him and tried to snap his wrists. However, the defendant has been sentenced to pay a fine for dating violence against former boyfriends in the past. When it was first speculated that the actress in question was Ha Na Kyung, she denied that the charges were about her in a live broadcast on Afreeca TV. She explained that she was wearing sunglasses in the broadcast due to an inflammation of her cornea before leaving.

Ha Na Kyung sentenced for domestic violence against her beau

On October 24, reports revealed Ha Na Kyung was sentenced to 8 months in prison suspended for 2 years after being charged with intimidation and violence. She'll be under probation for 2 years, and if she violates any terms of her probation, she'll serve 8 months in jail. According to reports, the actress met her boyfriend when she visited an adult entertainment bar in July of

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