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One of those in-your-dreams fantasies that evaporate by the dawn's early light. By Marilyn Stasio. Scribe Laura Eason certainly tries hard to make it so, with a cunning plot about a callow young author of bestselling dreck who seduces a gifted older novelist whose brilliant work he loves and envies. Is this cozy, or what? That kind of youthful cockiness can make any grown woman recoil in horror.

Reading Between the Sheets

Anna Gunn and Billy Magnussen 'Sex With Strangers' Tickets, Dates

When a persona can be tweaked, primped or entirely fabricated online, it may be a little tricky to figure out exactly who is lying in bed beside you: a sympathetic soul, or just a brand with a hot body? The simmering rapport these two talented actors develop quickly lights a fire under Ms. Ethan at first appears to be a young charmer, exuding the boisterous air of a golden retriever puppy. Their different approaches to their craft are among the things that suggest that these two strangers will not be hopping into bed anytime soon.

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While the snow falls outside on a cold March night, a single woman sits alone inside a bed and breakfast in rural Michigan. The storm has taken out the Internet and phone lines, so our heroine has nothing but the couch and her book. Curled up under a blanket, she turns back pages between sips of a glass of wine. Suddenly, car lights flicker in the driveway. And next thing she knows, a strange man is at the door, asking to be let in.

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