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A striking indictment of the failures of the international community during the Srebrenica massacre, this image deftly blurs the lines between subject and object and forces the viewer to think critically about what victimhood looks like in the context of war. Can you tell us a bit about how and why you started making art? What motivated you to express yourself in this way? From early childhood I knew I wanted to be an artist. I guess I was too sensitive and probably too emotional, so I preferred spending time on my own: drawing, painting, making different objects. I did not talk much until my early teenage years so basically art was a way of communication for me then and, in a way, it still is.

Bosnian Brides

What Does A Victim Look Like? Interview with Šejla Kamerić | Balkanist

Bosnians are friendly and welcoming people. They easily make conversations in public transport, offer assistance to completely strangers who are in a difficult situation. Bosnian family and friend relationships are very strong, they are always familiar and friendly with their neighbors, they are very respectful of older people. Bosnian culture places great emphasis on hospitality and wit. The traditions and customs of this people have become the basis for the formation of the identity of Bosnian women. They are among the pleasant and interesting interlocutors, which is explained by their intelligence, calmness and ability to listen to the interlocutor. If they encounter objections, they instantly flare up.

What Does a Victim Look Like? An Interview with Šejla Kamerić on the Legacy of “Bosnian Girl”

Denigrating phrases about Bosnian women are superimposed over a black and white photograph of the artist staring straight at the viewer. Originally a series of posters publicly displayed on the anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide , this work has become iconic of post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina, a direct confrontation of war crimes committed against women and the prejudices that came during and after it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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