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Bill Clinton has opened up about his affair with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky during his time as US President in a new documentary series about his wife Hillary. The ex-president claimed he had sex with Ms Lewinsky — who was just 22 at the time — to relieve the pressures of the job. In one episode of the documentary, focused on the affair, Mr Clinton offers an apology to Ms Lewinsky, who in recent years has begun to publicly speak out about their relationship, saying her view of it changed during the MeToo movement. She struggled for years to fight her life being defined by the affair. The relationship, and Mr Clinton lying about it during a deposition, led to his impeachment.

Phones, moans and breaking up: Lewinsky's testimony

Lewinsky was obsessed with sex, alleged ex-lover says

The sexual encounters between the President and Monica Lewinsky are rendered in explicit though chilly language. While graphic descriptions may be necessary for Kenneth Starr to prove that Clinton had sex with the former intern under any definition and thus committed perjury , the referral's bald, footnoted narrative reveals even more complex human intimacies. Initiated the week a budget impasse shut down the government, the furtive, sterile affair has brought Washington to a standstill once again. Excerpts from the report:. At about 8 p.

Bill Clinton says he had oral sex with Monica Lewinsky to ease his own ‘anxieties’

A high school drama teacher who claims to have had a five-year affair with Ms Monica Lewinsky has said that the former White House intern boasted of having oral sex with a "high-ranking person in the White House" and also confided that she had had an abortion. Mr Andy Bleiler, who revealed the details of his relationship with Ms Lewinsky through his lawyer on Tuesday, said there was no indication as to whom Ms Lewinsky was referring. But his wife said Ms Lewinsky had left for Washington vowing "to get my presidential kneepads". Mr Giles said Ms Lewinsky never claimed to have anything but oral sex with the White House official, and said her purported pregnancy could have resulted from other relationships. It is alleged to have occurred after she left the White House for a low-ranking job at the Pentagon.
The former President, 73, lifts the lid on his fling with the White House intern and claims the extramarital relationship helped with his personal issues. His relationship with Lewinsky in the s nearly brought down his presidency, and the public backlash resulted in her feeling like "the most humiliated woman in the world". I told her exactly what happened, when it happened. I said I feel terrible about it.