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Ghost in the shell is a franchise started by Shirow Masamune , published in It has spawned three movies, several novels and video games, an anime series spanning two seasons Stand Alone Complex , and a prequel series of films ARISE. Ghost in the Shell is set in the future after the Fourth World War. The use of robotics and cyborg implants has sky rocketed infiltrating every aspect of society.

Motoko Kusanagi

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Look away, kids and workers! That mythic cyber sex scene. Motoko Kusanagi getting down with her girls. You wanna see it? Here it is:.

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This part is probably not safe for work but definitely safer than the image linked to within the paragraph. Without warning, the reader turns the page onto a full-colour, seventy or eighty percent explicit scene of group sex. Genitals are covered arguably seen in one panel but not anatomically recognisable by hands, limbs and angles, whilst being obviously manually stimulated. Breasts and nipples are shown to the audience by Shirow, being squeezed and otherwise sensually manipulated, as well as left alone to stand on torsos. Backs are arched, faces contorted, the participants all female, all thin, long-limbed, hourglass and femme cry out, and skin is coloured to appear oiled, flushed, and experiencing sexual extremes.
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