Goku and vegeta lemon fanfiction

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Hello, miseriesoflife! Nah, nobody is going to type it for me — first nobody around me speaks English. Second, people find my handwriting hard to read okay, they say that it's horrible and unreadable. Though, I don't think so.

DB: FemGoku x Vegeta - Feelings, a dragon ball z fanfic | FanFiction

Prologue: Goku is a normal person with a normal life. He is a trainer at a local gym. He recently graduated college and is He is one of those people who are helpful, warm-hearted and fun to be around with. Vegeta is head honcho of a gang.

Ok so this in another story that I had in mind and I hope it comes out the way I'm hoping it will There will be BMSD or bondage and a lot of sex all that good junk so please! Enjoy and don't hate me!!! He loved to watch them cower in fear. Please forgive me," one of the servants bowed.
Summary: Goku x Vegeta. A satire of all those slash fics out there. Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Ball Z or any of its characters. Nor do I think Goku and Vegeta would make a great couple. I do own this story, however, and no part of it may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without my permission.