Heavy rain strip scene

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The sequence in Heavy Rain where player character Madison Paige strips for a nightclub owner might make players uncomfortable, but according to Quantic Dream's David Cage, that's the whole point. Speaking with Eurogamer , Cage said that if the E3 showing of the Heavy Rain striptease sequence made gamers uncomfortable, it had succeeded in its goal. Warning: Minor Spoilers The scene involves the character of Madison Paige trying to get information from a nightclub owner, but finding that he "only has eyes" for the girls dancing nearby in various states of address. Paige has the option to retire to a nearby restroom to, ahem, "doll [herself] up" before returning and dancing to get his attention - and upon retiring with said club owner to a nearby room to be alone, she can produce a weapon to threaten him and get the information she's after. Cage told Eurogamer that Quantic had "had a couple of people who felt uncomfortable watching the scene," but that it wasn't a bad thing - in fact, that's "exactly what [he] wanted.

Heavy Rain full-frontal nudity... see it here

Sexy Girl - Gameplay - IGN

One of Heavy Rain'swidely discussed elements was its inclusion of sex and nudity. However, even with an ESRB Mature rating and an UK 15 BBFC certificate, it shied away from showing you the full monty, using clever camera angles and well placed objects to protect our eyes from the beauty of the naked form. This is odd, seeing that in UK TV broadcasting, full-frontal nudity is wholly acceptable and somewhat commonplace on national TV, after the 9pm 'watershed'. The below picturesreveal that at some point in development, developer Quantic Dream must have intended to show off the private parts of their lead characters - otherwise, why would they have gone through the bother of rendering such accurately formed genitalia on the character models? Aside from the fact they are French.

HEAVY RAIN™ - Madison Goes Topless for Paco

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You control Madison Paige, who decides to visit the Blue Lagoon club and find herself alone with Paco Mendez to ask him some uncomfortable questions. Important: This chapter will not appear if Madison was killed in The Doc scene. In this case, you will immediately go to the Fish Tank chapter if Norman is still alive or to the On the Loose if Norman is also dead.