Hedgehog sex

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By Hannah Sparks. August 5, pm Updated August 5, pm. German first responders recently fielded complaints of a late-night noise disturbance near a primary school in Augsburg. When officers arrived at the scene, they and a school groundskeeper went on a hunt for the hooligans who had also tripped the security sensors. What they discovered was not loud music or revelers keeping neighbors awake — but a passionate pair of hedgehogs in heat.

Noisy hedgehog sex ‘carousel’ keeps neighbors up at night

Noisy hedgehog mating keeps neighbors up at night

German emergency services called out to attend to nighttime disturbances are increasingly finding themselves confronted with copulating hedgehogs. People are calling the German emergency number to complain about noises they typically put down to neighbours having unacceptably loud sex or to injured animals crying out for help. The spread of the hashtag igelsex hedgehog sex on social media reveals the disturbances sometimes have a less predictable source. Recently police in Augsburg were called to a primary school one night after suspicious noises were heard in the playground and a security light was activated.

The cause of noise damage rushed by the police was 'hedgehog sex'

Official illustrator talks about narrative and inspiration hidden in Pokemon card illustrations. Research result that 'humidity' is important to get cool with electric fan. Aug 06, The cause of noise damage rushed by the police was 'hedgehog sex' by Tadeusz Lakota It is often said that sleep is disturbed by noisy neighbors and music that keeps ringing all night
By William Cole For Mailonline. German police being called out to loud night-time disturbances are having to deal with some prickly intruders - mating hedgehogs. Emergency services across the country have received dozens of noise complaints via the German in the belief that either their neighbours are having unacceptably loud sex or an animal has been seriously injured. But increasingly more often, they are finding hedgehogs mating, and creating irritatingly loud sounds. The nation-wide problem has even developed its own hashtag, igelsex, which translates as 'hedgehog sex'.