I let my dog lick my vagina

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I let my dog lick my vagina? Feel awful!?

– Is it safe for your dog to lick your vagina? - moonbuggy

So I m 13 girl and I just started to masturbate and I feel horrible about it. I grew up in a Christian home and so, I was sitting in the bathroom with my dog. Boy, small dog and when he licks me for some reason, I feel bad for saying this he makes me really horny. So I let him lick my vag. It felt so good I couldn t make him stop. He was actually like sticking his tounge all the way in and licking up. And when he stopped.

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I'm 17, my dog is really really horny all the time, he tries humping me and mounting me and it is awful, so once I let him lick my vagina and he did, it was really good and he finally stopped attacking me to put it about, so since June he's been doing this once a day, only problem is I now have a boyfriend, he's not been down there yet but should I tell him? Well I don't understand how you could let your dog do this. It is very gross and nasty and very unsanitary. My boyfriend recently moved away but I will never let an animal lick my down there. My boyfriend was great and I will miss it like crazy but a dog seriously.