Introducing family to nudism

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Thanks francefr for this great adventure. Link in bio atoutfrance francefr campinglecolombier naturiste naturista nudista dontfeedtheanimals welovedonkeys donkeysofinstagram vendeetourisme. It took me a number of years to finally get my little sister to venture to a resort with me for a weekend trip. We always have a blast and meet amazing people that we both still talk to often. I have since started to invite others to come spend a day or a weekend with me. Many want to, or so it seems, but none just come.

Introducing the family to naturism

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Introducing nudism to your family

How are family took to us changing our lifestyle. When Mark and Samantha Taylor decided in they were going to set up a naturist resort in Kefalonia Greece, they were initially worried about telling family and friends hoping for a positive response. These extreme challenges pale into insignificance when faced with the prospect of exposing my 55 year old untanned flesh in front of my grown up daughters and a plethora of equally naked strangers.
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