Making out in underwear

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He has said he is happy to take it slow and that Im the boss. Last night I stayed at his place and the make out got a bit intense I was just in my underwear and a t shirt and he was on the top making out with me he then slid his hand onto my undies and rubbed his fingers against them. He increased the pace as the kiss got more intense. I didn't realsie how wet I was but he kept stroking my underwear then stopped after a bit.

Making Out Underwear & Panties

Is it possible to make out in your underwear without going all the way? | Yahoo Answers

Little kids don't read this please lol Well me and my guy have only madeout lightly and I was kind of thinking of just making out in the back of my car later after we go to the movies but in our underwear I don't want to go all the way I'm not ready to lose my v card and I want to wait until I'm an adult and it's someone I really love, because I'm too young to be in love, and he wouldn't pressure me to, but I do want to have fun with him and stuff. Is it possible to makeout in panties and a bra and his boxers without him like having to go all the way? Also, could I get pregnant by making out in underwear if his stuff gets on my panties if they're lacy or something? Make sure you remember that you still want to be a virgin but I guess it'll be really hard if you're still new on how you could do it Coz that would be really hard to stop. That's totally possible, as long as you remember that you DON'T want to do it, because you might not be thinking straight.

Guys, do you like it when you rub a girls underwear while you make out and she's wet?

We are glad you found EmpowHER! A common question has been asked: Am I pregnant if I make out with a boy, while wearing clothes? Can I be pregnant without penetration intercourse? There is so much misinformation about sex, and usually the limited information that is given resorts to using scare tactics, so much to where young women are afraid that when they merely look at a boy, or touch a towel that a boy has touched, that this could result in pregnancy!
Once a girl is back at your place, have her sit down on your bed and watch a movie together. You can place the television in front of your bed so that you have an excuse to be on the bed together. Next, start smelling her, touching her face, and then start kissing her.