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A mother-of-four has shared intimate details about her sex life after having children, and explained that even though the moments are 'rare' now they should still be enjoyed. Jessica Hood, who is based in Melbourne , brought up the usually private topic on her blog House of Hoods , explaining how the 'sparks flying' portion of your relationship will quickly fall by the wayside. The sexual tension was more than you both could handle. You couldn't get enough of each other.

Mothers and sex - in their own words

Sex and sexual health: A survey of Canadian youth and mothers.

A survey on adolescent sexuality was designed to determine mainstream Canadian adolescents' current knowledge and sources of sexual health information, to identify their needs, and to understand the perceptions and the role of parents in sexual health education. Teens and mothers overestimated the percentages of teens sexually active at any age. Most valuable sources of information were school, parents, friends and doctors. Teens lacked knowledge about sexually transmitted infections and their consequences. Adolescents identify barriers to getting information and lack knowledge about sexually transmitted infections.

Sex and sexual health: A survey of Canadian youth and mothers.

Many women who engage in street sex work experience pregnancies and become mothers. Unfortunately, little research has examined how their pregnancies and parenting impact themselves as street sex workers and their street sex work. In this qualitative research study, 16 mothers who were currently involved in street sex work in a Midwestern city of the United States participated in semistructured interviews.
The advice-sharing parenting website Mumsnet recently conducted a survey about people's relationships after they had had children; over 1, members responded. The results of the poll on parents' sex lives selected below speak for themselves, but the comments of some mothers some of which are quoted below from the site's discussion strands are equally striking. I would say about 15 months. I had a ghastly birth and a very uncooperative, small non-sleeper, and was so exhausted that sex was just something preventing me from going to sleep. That is not to say that I didn't make the effort, but it really was out of love for my husband, rather than from any desire myself.