Mou hitori no boku

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Mou hitori no Boku 68 5K 1 Today. I intend to finish this before i go to bed, its pretty late but i really wanted to finish this, although i'm not satisfy with how the result came out, i dont know myself.. Image size. See More by LorSean.

Mou hitori no Boku

Otenkiame Translations: Do As Infinity : "Mou Hitori no Boku e" Lyrics

I continued on with after they won and returned to Japan so after season 4 and after KC Grand Prix …Thanks for letting me write this and for the amazing HC! Yami stared at Yugi and then to the closet to his right, then back to Yugi. He was fighting himself, debating if he should tell his partner or not. The pain and guilt was too much for him to handle. He sighed and looked up at his friend. Yugi had his headphones in, he was listening to some music and working on homework.

mou hitori no boku

If you didn't read the first 'AN' this takes place right after Duelist Kingdom before, at least in the subbed episodes, Yami and Yuugi really start talking to one another. And they're having some last minute reservations about themselves and each other, oh snizzap. In the anime this is also when Yami rarely refers to Yuugi as 'aibou' and usually calls him 'mou hitori no ore' instead.
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