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He is here to help you become more aware of the risks and strategies to help protect yourself, your family, your business, and your entire life. Robert brings identity theft, personal security, fraud prevention and cyber security to light so that criminals can no longer hide in the dark. You have probably heard the story before. Teenage girl takes some scantily clad photos and sends them to her latest boyfriend. Well, a lot could go wrong, and an article on Vice. When things like this happen, many women are made to feel guilty that they took these photos, and this is a type of digital violence.

If you want to keep your kids from being charged with a felony, talk to them about nude selfies

15 Year Old’s Naked Photos Spread Like Wild Fire -

Girls as young as 13 felt pressured to send intimate photos and were unaware they were being shared among a group of boys, a Nova Scotia court has been told. Six Bridgewater, N. Documents submitted in Bridgewater provincial court Tuesday said one year-old girl was repeatedly asked by one accused for sexual photos over several days and felt pressured to send them. She said no several times. The next day at school the boy and his friends were clustered near her locker and gave her the impression that they were talking about her. The girl ended up sending four or five photos, but did not give permission to distribute them and was told they would not be saved, the statement said.

Teen girls unaware that intimate photos were shared among boys at school, N.S. court hears

The chained boy was discovered Thursday afternoon after deputies responded to an anonymous call of possible child abuse, Autauga County Sheriff Joe Sedinger told news outlets. The child was naked with chains padlocked around his ankles. He estimated that the boy had been chained up for several hours.
I'll be the first to admit - it's an uncomfortable subject to bring up with your tweens and teens: nude selfies. But if you aren't having the talk, there's a good possibility your kids are - or might someday - engage in this behavior. Last month, a swim coach in San Jose was arrested after police allege that he swapped sexual texts and images with young swimmers. In fact the Deseret News in Utah reports that kids just accept "sexting" as a normal and natural behavior for teens. To some, it's flirting.