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Paper Towns is an adaption of a John Green bestseller does John Green have any books that aren't bestsellers? What will be hard is you after you see Griffin Freeman 's butt when he runs naked like a deer in the headlights through somone's yard, though. One night, she unexpectedly comes through his window, asking for help seeking revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend. Quentin and his friends find clues she's left them and try to find her. The message of the movie is clear: Stop living your life with so much fear and go out and make it something special. Luckily, the moving message is mixed with beautiful men like Freeman and Nat Wolff , who takes off his shirt for just long enough.

Paper Towns (2015) Nude Scenes

Kernel Rating out of 5 :. Lots of typical teen movie stuff, including some kisses and making out, including one glimpsed on a bed in partial undress; some jokes and talk about sex, as well as a few implied sex scenes and teenagers losing their virginity; one nude teen boy who covers his private parts onscreen; some cursing; some underage drinking, to the point of throwing up for one character; and a scene where two young children come upon a man who has committed suicide, and you see the gun and the blood on his body. You can guess how this will go, but that won't keep you from enjoying it.
After The Fault in Our Stars and now Paper Towns , author John Green might be seasoned at hanging out on film sets, but that doesn't make him a filmmaker. He's still learning the ropes — and the rules — of adapting his best-selling novels for the big screen. While watching a crucial scene he wrote on paper being transformed for film, Green was so giddy with excitement he laughed through the scene.