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By , the writing was on the wall: Punk rock might have been making headlines, but it wasn't moving units. The industry responded with the skinny tie bands, retroactively labeled New Wave, a safer, more accessible take on the back-to-basics energy of punk. The street reacted by buzzing its collective head, throwing out the fashion designers and putting the musicians in the driver's seat. The result was a rawer, tougher, more stripped down form of punk known as hardcore. See also: The 20 Worst Hipster Bands. With their acclaimed release Relationship of Command , Texan golden boys At The Drive In did the impossible — they created a crossover hardcore album nearly anyone could enjoy.

Best Hardcore Records of 2019: No Echo Contributor Picks

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By No Echo noechonet I wouldn't be able to do No Echo without the help of the many contributors. In this following piece, I've handed the reigns over them so they could tell you some of their favorite records of the year. Thanks again to all of them for their shared passion for music.

Top 20 Hardcore Albums in History: Complete List

By Michael D. Thorn Thick necked, boot-to-the-throat, oi infused, brutal hardcore from the Iron City of Pittsburgh. This sort of burly and vicious take has always been my favorite—think Negative Approach, Dead Stop or The Abused with the 4-Skins and Blitz sprinkled on top.
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