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It's a buoyant spring afternoon, and in a comfortable hotel lobby in Manhattan, actress and former talk show host Ricki Lake is talking episiotomies. It might sound like too much information, but that disclosure is nothing for those who have already caught a screening of "The Business of Being Born," the documentary about midwifery and home birth that had premiered the night before this conversation at the Tribeca Film Festival. Epstein, who directed the movie, and Lake, who executive-produced it, have included vivid footage of their own labors and deliveries in the project, along with those of several other mothers. It's the birth of Lake's second son, Owen, in the bathtub in her apartment, that appears in the movie and has already garnered the film gossip column ink.

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What adolescent wrote that headline? I take the time out to attend a Tribeca Film Festival screening of a touching and intelligent documentary about the state of maternal care in America and someone sullies this serious review with a cheap knock on the film's executive producer. OK, I wrote that headline. Lake and director Abby Epstein explore the intervention of modern medical practices in the birth process, which has led to alarming rates of drug-induced labor and cesarean sections performed in America. Several progressive childcare experts tout the traditions of midwifery and call for getting childbirth out of the hospital and back into the home. Lake and Epstein, as well as several other brave women, open the doors of their pre-war Park Slope and Manhattan apartments to let cameras reveal the beauty and intimacy of a natural home birth. When I first heard about the film I had my doubts.

Ricki Lake nude

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