Scorpion and mileena love fanfiction

Duration: 5min 33sec Views: 326 Submitted: 27.01.2020
Category: Japanese
Scorpion sat on the hill staring at the sky wondering what to do now. He had pursued Quan Chi to this area but could not figure out where the sorcerer was. The specter decided to go into the nearby city to ask around tomorrow. Then he heard a rustle behind him, Scorpion turned around only to be tackled by some unknown assailant. Though Scorpion fought like mad, as he will when assaulted, he found his hands pinned to the ground by a pair of sai knifes, and his body pinned down by his assailant.

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This fic was highly requested by a number of people and I though I would mention that Mileena is one of my favorite characters because she's so badass :D. Anyways, this will be a Scorpion x Mileena fic so enjoy! Mileena-She gets to choose when she has her teeth or when she has a normal mouth. Also, she has long wavy hair.