Sex in a waterbed

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So read this ad in The Stanford Daily. Immediately, it was a big deal. So things that were out of the mainstream were embraced. While Hall was genuinely trying to market a product that was more comfortable than a regular bed, it became clear to him that the connotation with sex was immediate. The waterbed soon made its presence known throughout every realm of American media. John Lennon owned one.

Sex on a Waterbed - Are Waterbeds Good for Sex?

Waterbeds Are Back, But Will They Make You Better at Fucking?

If there was ever an assignment this reporter was excited to report on, it has to be this one. Bring on the testing after all these lairs of the sexual seventies have always had a sexual mystic about them and have often been described as the ultimate sexual fantasy for both men and women. Want to know which Waterbed Mattress is best to have sex on? Personally I find waterbeds to be extremely comfortable. Their pressure relief on the entire body is second to no other mattress. Sex on a waterbed mattress? Highly overrated Billy and hold the shag carpet, please!

Waterbeds are for sleeping — not sex, makers insist

While it is a sort of an awkward question, it is a valid concern as adults are biologically wired for sexual activity. And when it comes to mattresses, it is just like sleep quality, preferences are over the spectrum. There is no objectivity to a question like this — it is better answered by reading anecdotes of what you might expect if you sleep on a water bed. There are both positives and negatives that can be picked out of these anecdotes, so choose those that fit your lifestyle and make your decision from there. Waterbeds definitely have their advantages when it comes to sexual activity.
Waterbed sex obviously involves couples having sex on a waterbed! The question is, is this a good idea or not? As with most sex-related activities, this may likely be a matter of personal preference. Here, we shall discuss the pros and cons of waterbed sex. We shall not be commenting on whether it is better to have sex on a bouncy innerspring mattress rather than on a memory foam mattress that tends to offer a lot less bounce.