Sex with phimosis

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Phimosis is a common and relatively normal condition in babies and young children until around 7 years old. But if phimosis results in swelling , redness , irritation, or trouble peeing from the foreskin squeezing the head of the penis, you may need treatment for the underlying cause. Before you try stretching your foreskin, keep the following in mind:. Repeat these steps two to four times a day until you can fully retract your foreskin without any pain or discomfort.

Tight foreskin (phimosis and paraphimosis)

How to Stretch Foreskin to Treat Painful Phimosis

Q I am 29 years of age and have a very tight foreskin which I find very difficult to retract. It can be painful during sexual intercourse. I went to see my doctor and he diagnosed it as phimosis and suggested that I might benefit from a circumcision. What is a phimosis? What is a circumcision and do I need to be circumcised? A Phimosis is a condition characterised by difficulty in retracting the foreskin to expose the glans penis.

Can I Treat Penile Phimosis by Stretching the Foreskin?

It was am on a November morning when Steve woke up to the snuffles of his three-month-old son. Steve experiences a medical condition in which he is unable to pull his foreskin back past his glans the round part forming the end of the penis. Around 96 percent of baby boys have a non-retractable foreskin, but biological changes and the onset of erections mean that the foreskin becomes looser as they grow older. The most common cause is infection to the penis due to poor hygiene.
Back to Health A to Z. Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back over the head of the penis glans. Phimosis is normal in babies and toddlers, but in older children it may be the result of a skin condition that has caused scarring. It isn't usually a problem unless it causes symptoms. Immediate treatment is needed in cases where phimosis causes problems such as difficulty urinating.