Talking with male teenager about sex and their body

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Parenting is always hard work, and keeping our children healthy can, at times, seem especially daunting. Teaching our kids about sexuality is among the most intimidating jobs we have as parents, as well as one of the most important. Gone are the days we hope! So how do you do it? What is the best way to approach the dreaded subject? The answer is…there may be no single best way.

How to talk about: Puberty (Boys)

Don't Talk to Your Sons About Sex – Talk About This Instead

First of all, give up on the idea that it's going to happen the way you plan it -- fruitful conversations with adolescents rarely take place when and how their parents want them to. If you're the one who brings up sex, don't be offended when your child looks horrified that you did so. At least now she knows you're willing to discuss it. Remember how much she both does and does not want to talk about sexuality with you of all people -- who, as her parent, are not supposed to have any of your own. Try to stay open to her overtures on the subject because when you least expect it -- say, at at night, as you're trying to get her to turn off the stereo and go to sleep -- you may find yourself answering an important question or exploring a delicate topic.

Talk to Your Kids about Sex

James Beck and Christian Gallen are part of our Attitude team , and have been for a long time. Between them, they have delivered presentations to over , young people nationwide, helping them make better choices around drugs and alcohol, sex, depression, youth suicide, technology, social media and having great relationships with their families. Which is great! It means your son is ready to find out about the wonderful world of puberty. The question is, are you ready to tell him about it?
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