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Eric and Donna have sex for the first time. Eric is dismayed to discover he was "awkward and weird. He asks Donna how she is; she says she's good and Eric agrees that he's good too, and then checks with her that the sex was good. Donna tells him that it was the best she's ever had, then asks if she was good?

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Inappropriate That '70s Show jokes that aged poorly

Here's our quick guide to the best family-friendly movies and shows you can stream right now. Watch now. Title: The First Time 14 Feb Donna is happy when her parents announce they'll renew their wedding vows, although the whole ceremony is to be in loud Packers team colors, then disappointed their text suggestions aren't even vows, but ends up believing Eric: their love is true, it's up to her to phrase it appropriately; afterward it inspires here to take the next step with Eric While Red grudgingly accepts to be best man, Kitty is so disappointed Midge didn't ask her as one of the three bridesmaids - she never was one- that when Leo, whom Hyde subcontracted as photographer, hits the sack with bridesmaid Holly, Kitty grabs her chance, and the green-gold dress.

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What a blast it would be to be able be a fly on the wall sometimes. Viewers could just sit back and watch the antics of the well meaning but misguided teenagers as they navigate their way from childhood to adulthood. The storyline, however, was just one aspect of the well-cast show. The show portrayed the true 70s culture using songs of popular rock groups bands of the time and by naming the episodes after popular songs.
Except it's sometimes too easy for the modern world to creep back in while you're watching, especially when there are certain jokes in That '70s Show that haven't aged well. If you haven't enjoyed a solid rewatch of the show for a while, then the fact that many of the jokes revolve around sexist, racist, and homophobic ideas can be a little jarring. It's important to remember that many of these jokes are likely an attempt to reflect the attitudes of the '70s.