The piper blush experiment

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Watch fullscreen. Act on a Date with Piper Blush Experiments. Piper Blush Experiments. Act on a Date with Piper Blush Experiments Hi you, this is Piper, you're about to enter the extraordinary life of an ordinary submissive girl! I am a free woman expressing myself thru art as vlogger, model, and author. I update daily, that's a new video for you every day!

Act on a Date with Piper Blush Experiments

Piper Blush Experiments

If you haven't noticed by now I'm a bit of a troll, partially in looks Gosh I need a haircut but mostly in comments. I don't take too much of what happens on the internet seriously and enjoy a good bit of banter with those I come across both online and IRL. So when I see someone trolling on levels over I have to stand up and take note. Real recognise real right? The YouTube community is a bit like Steemit in a way if you try to pull a fast one creators will go after you and in the worst way and in yeah in an essence self-policing does work, unless you're trolling so hard as this chick. Channels like H3H3 and Pewdiepie troll but we know they troll, we love that they troll but Piper Blush, I can't be so sure, she plays it so close to the line, it often blurs and that grey area is where my fascination comes into play. I was first turned on to her Oops when Ethan from H3H3 lost his shit on the jump rope video when he gets demonetized for well his bobs, and man bobs ain't as offensive as beg boobs or is that sexist?

The Piper Blush Experiment

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Her videos usually vlog based going over a certain topic for a day and even traveling to different countries around the world. Her videos are claimed to be an experiment, and there is a website where people can unlock the reasoning for the channel. She also has a Patreon like page where users can pay for extra access, and there is a new website where you can pay for uncensored videos. She did a video announcing the end of her channel in around of May , and it was reveled that there is a secret meaning behind the channel. However, people would have to pay to unlock the meaning for revealing individual pixels.