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My wife and I take a research vacation in Jordan and I am cuckolded by three big-cocked Bedouins. I recently received my doctorate in Ancient Middle East History, and my wife Lindsay and I moved to the Midwest United States for me to take a professorship at a university there. My name is Ed, and we were both thirty years old at the time of this story. I started mid-year, and would not have a class until after the Christmas break, so the university sponsored a ten day research vacation for us in Jordan before school reconvened. My dissertation is on Arabic culture, and I knew that as a new professor I would need to continue publishing if I had any hope of gaining tenure one day. So I planned on writing a book about the history of the Bedouins.

A Wife and The Amazon Tribe Ch. 01

The Missionary Wife and the Tribal Chief - New Sex Story

He was plain-looking, always hanging out with the C-crowd C for Christian , and never hung out with those that needed his Christian influence like the drug dealer, Morris, who lived in the trailer park on the edge of town. She was classically georgeous like those paintings of aristocratic women in the Victorian era , hung out mostly with the F-crowd F for Fun , which consisted of people who just wanted to have fun whether they were Christian or not, and took time out to socialize with non-believers so that they could see the love of Christ in her life and come to believe and get their souls saved. However, from a social point of view, Kathryn and George were a perfect match, because together, they reached a broad spectrum of people. Greenrock was a church-based community and almost everyone went to one of the ten churches located in that small town on Sunday, but there was also a substantial number of town-folk who had never heard a sermon. George and a bunch of people in his church finally felt pressured to address the issue of non-believers in their community. They organized community events and outreaches to reach the lost souls in their town. At about that same time, Kathryn and her fun Christian friends were doing their own outreach.

The Missionary Wife and the Tribal Chief

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. A Journey to the Amazon by dinomagick Fantasy. Posted Thu 31st of May Report. What they thought would be an epic adventure of discovery, turns into something much different than either of them could have possibly imagine.