Vanessa del rio siblings

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Debbie and Phylicia's Sister? Member since March Has anyone else heard this? Is it true? Post deleted This message has been deleted. Re: Debbie and Phylicia's Sister?

is it true that Debbie Allen, Vanessa Del Rio and Phylicia Rashad are sisters?

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Yeah, yeah, lots of New Yorkers remember the old days when the streets were dirty, the drugs were cheap, and the only Mickey Mouse you'd see in Times Square was tattooed on a dancer's ass. But how many can actually say they were that dancer sans tattoo, I assume? Well, Vanessa del Rio, for one. The legendary porn star is a New Yorker to the hard core. Born and raised in Harlem, del Rio ditched her Catholic schoolgirl roots for the adult entertainment world, becoming what many consider to be America's first Latina star.

Vanessa del Rio

Phylicia Rashad is her only sister and I am glad about that because the Claire Huxtable character made Phylicia a decent way of living whereas Vanessa Del Rio, well you know! The Devil and Miss Jones was a truth to the Death of the the sister to get that family their claim to Fame! As the minion says she's dead so the imps had their way with her and her two sisters names became famous as Vanessa's name is minutely remembered. She was the illuminati's soul to keep quiet as Felicia Rashad and Debbie Allen's spoke loudly as the 70's and 80's movement of televiewing's went sky high for the career death of their beautiful sister Vanessa Del Rio willingly gave her soul for her beautiful sister's. What has happened to Vanessa Del Rio?.
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