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Stella Carlin played by Ruby Rose made quite the impact when she entered Litchfield Penitentiary for the first time. It all began for her when entered Litchfield and began sewing lingerie as an extra-curricular activity alongside Piper. Soon, the pair started their own illegal business where they would wear the underwear and sell them to customers online. Their relationship turned from professional to personal and Piper and Stella had an affair while the former was with Alex Laura Prepon. After tipping the officer off, Piper watched as Stella was reprimanded and shipped to maximum security prison.

Is Ruby Rose In 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5? Stella Is MIA

Is Ruby Rose In 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5? Stella Is MIA

Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose has opened up about how the show changed her life. In a lengthy and emotional post on Instagram, the actress explained how she almost gave up acting and was living on a blow up mattress. I was living on a blow up mattress from Target and I had only 6 months left on my Visa to prove I could contribute to the industry abroad. Not long ago I packed my bags and left everything I knew behind, for a dream. I left my friends, family, career and comfort zone to attempt to break Hollywood. In a moment close to giving up I poured what I had into a short film called break free.. If brands I was the face of and spokesperson for would not want to be associated with me anymore and of course the fear of being so honest and raw in a video on platforms I had no control over.

Orange Is the New Black: What happened to Stella? Where is Ruby Rose now?

The upcoming season of Orange Is the New Black is introducing a "whole new world": Maximum security prison. According to the rumors, rumblings, and trailers, Season 6 will see the Litchfield gang in max following last year's tumultuous and game-changing riot. If the characters are headed to max, there's a chance that one familiar face from the show's past could pop up now that there's a change of scenery. Ruby Rose fans make an excellent point: Stella happens to be holed up in max, so does that mean she'll make an appearance? The Aussie met Piper working a panty-sewing job and the pair hit it off, eventually forming a romantic relationship, much to the dismay of Vauseman shippers everywhere.
At Litchfield, the past has a way of following you around. This time, she popped into Nicky's storyline and continued to be a pretty lousy friend — though she didn't stick around for long. Stella was something like Season 3's Big Bad. After seducing Piper and partnering with her on the illegal panty business, Stella stole all of the profits.