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No matter how successful we are now, we were all once amateur bloggers. If you were part of my community last time, you would have seen the transformation of my brand and I have gone through — in a good way. I made all the classic mistakes. But with each mistake I made, I fell down but got back up much stronger and wiser. Say what?! It shows that you actually had the guts to start without needing to have everything perfect.

8 Tips to take your amateur blog to the next level and become a successful business

8 Tips to take your amateur blog to the next level and become a business

Running an amateur blog is no easy feat nor is it something to look down upon. You put a lot of time, energy and passion into each and every article you publish, growing your audience and creating buzz in your industry. However, you've outgrown traditional blogging and are now looking to take yours to the next level. You want your hobby to become a professional business? What do you do? That's the subject of this post. From blogging platforms to marketing and monetization, we're going to go over a few key steps you should take to move away from the unprofessional and unprofitable nature amateur blogs tend to have.

11 Terrible Mistakes I Have Seen Amateur Blogs Make (Real-life Examples Included!)

April 10, by Sayan Neogie Leave a Comment. Building an online presence is a slow, frustrating but a rewarding process AND not everyone is cut out for what it takes. The list goes ON…….. Yes, I am talking about being self-hosted.
Now, which blogging platform are you going to choose? In this article we'll discuss the ten best blogging platforms and which one is best for you based on your specific goals. The majority of these platforms are free and very easy to use. Some require different levels of technical ability and others required that you purchase web hosting.