Bow tattoo on back of legs

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Home Contact Lower back tattoos just above the butt, "tramp stamps," were all the rage years ago. Now the newest stripper chic tattoo craze is bow tattoos. A simple ribbon bow with two loops and two streamers or ends is a staple of little girls' fashion, and has even made a comeback in adult women's fashion. Now you can permanently decorate your body with bows in the form of ribbon tattoos. Some women also get bow tattoo on the midriff, lower side, chest, or upper arm like an arm band.

60 Sexy Bow Tattoos – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

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Tattoo art is a form of body embellishment which has been loved by men and women alike, but there are some designs which are gender specific. One of these is the bow tattoo design, which is regarded as a feminine and cute design, making it the top choice for girls and women. These tiny little bows which are a common feature of gift wrapping make a wonderful appearance on the skin of the women, with their vibrant colors and pretty designs exuding all the charm which every woman looks for in a tattoo design. It is the elegance of this design, which makes this tattoo a hot favorite among women of all age groups. Bow tattoos are much more than sheer beauty and charm, they also have a deeper meaning, which makes them favored for their aesthetic value as well as symbolism. A bow is formed by tying a loose knot on a ribbon or a thread, which gives it a unique and beautiful appearance.

Stripper Chic Bow Tattoos: The New Tramp Stamp

When the women want to make a statement, they really how to get their point across. Case in point, the popularity of bow tie tattoos has exploded in recent years due to the symbolic meanings associated with this little ribbon. While some guys can relate to the unique symbolism of the bow ties, they take on a whole new meaning when they are colorfully inked on the female body. These are just some of the reasons for the explosion in popularity for the bow tie tattoos. When a ribbon is tied in a bow and placed on any gift, it instantly adds beauty, appeal, and mystery.
Tattooing has become one of the most popular art through which people especially the youth embellish their bodies. Bow tattoos not only look simple and feminine but they also come out as exquisite. Because of their bright colors and subtle shapes, most women take them as the best choice when considering tattooing for the first time.