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The Miss Weston pageant officials said Feb. Odd News. Latest Headlines. April 14 UPI -- A Florida house that turned heads and annoyed neighbors with its vibrant, erratic paint job is getting a makeover thanks to its new owner. April 14 UPI -- An Ontario recycling company is reminding residents to use some discretion when getting rid of unwanted items after someone attempted to recycle a sword.

Caroline Schwitzsky Took Pornographic pictures and was stripped of Ms. Weston Crown.

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So the age of consent is now 40? When is the right time to know that Porn pictures could hurt you? Caroline says she wants to be a model for women who have been bullied by the system that descriminates against Ex porn queens. Former name Miss Exxxotica, she wore that crown quite well. When is it ok to lead teenage girls who are interested in bec oming Miss America one day with porn stars? She should be woman about it and suck it up, instead of whining like a child and claiming naive.

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Caroline Schwitzky was named Miss Weston back on Feb. That's because pageant officials discovered a YouTube video that shows Schwitzky accepting a different title: Miss Exxxotica New York at a porn convention. And then there was the racy photoshoot for hiphop. Schwitzky says jealous pageant competitors found the online items and posted nasty things about her on Facebook and a message board.