Charity sex

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For those sexuals who are with an asexual, and have a compromise on sex. I refer to this as charity sex, as I'm not sure if there's a better term for it. I don't mean for this to be a negative term. Will it work long-term? Are you able to be happy knowing that your partner isn't having sex for their own enjoyment?

Charity sex

Is charity sex better than no sex? – The Chart - Blogs

Sex just to keep him happy. Sex where a partner expects you to give, with no regard to your needs and desire. And I bet most of you have too. Except for you rare birds who have perfect sex lives with the perfectly in-tune, sensitive partner. In the declining years of my marriage I would agree to sex for reasons one and two. A good sexual relationship means that you both tell the truth. You communicate your own wishes and you try to understand what your partner wants.

Are You Having “Charity” Sex

The other night I was enjoying some "me" time, curled up on the couch watching the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy , meanwhile, my husband was tossing and turning in bed, stressed out over his latest work project. But if I know one thing about my husband, it's that sex helps him sleep. So I put down the remote and headed upstairs to take one for the team. That's right: I had charity sex. And you know what?
Read more from him at his website, GoodInBed. Or maybe it reminds you of that time you bit your tongue and had sex because you were sick of hearing him ask for it. Rather, see charity sex as a means of reestablishing a connection with your partner, and of making an important investment in your relationship.