Farting after anal sex

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I had anal sex for the first time in college. Before then, my opinions on anal sex were ignorant. I thought that women who engaged in such a sex act probably had something wrong them — which I know now is completely NOT the case. But what do you expect from a sheltered kid from New Hampshire?

10 Women on the 1 Thing They Wish They Knew Before They Had Anal Sex

10 Women On The One Thing They Wish They Knew Before They Had Anal Sex

Top definition. When a male or female has just had anal sex and they proceed to fart afterwards. After one cums in their partners ass, their partner proceeds to fart. This usually ends up causing a bit of a splatter.

21 Things You NEED To Know Before Doing it Up The Butt

I get a lot of questions about how to make anal sex hurt less. Anal sex is no different. Your anus has a lot of nerve endings and happens to be a very sensitive area, but it is not a very stretchy area; this is why it is sometimes difficult for the anus to accommodate a big penis or dildo. Your ability to accommodate large sized objects in your rectum anus or butt depends on your ability to relax your butt hole. This is a learned experience.
Everyone knows there are three quintessential moments that happen during a woman's lifetime: her first period, her first orgasm, and, of course, her first time trying anal. But all jokes aside, if anal is something you're interested in exploring for the first time, then you probably have a lot of questions. Will it hurt?