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Body fat accumulates differently in the bodies of men and those of women. A new study explores the health consequences that ensue from these differences. More and more adults in the Western world are obese, and the Western high-fat diet might be to blame. These differences were the focus of scientists at the University of California, Riverside UCR , who set out to examine the health consequences of obesity in male and female rodents. Djurdjica Coss, an associate professor of biomedical sciences in the UCR School of Medicine, led the study, which is now published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology.

Belly fat may pose more danger for women than for men

How body fat affects men's and women's health differently

The research, announced today, is based on data on more than 7, women collected in the National Survey of Family Growth. The new analysis looked at the relationship between body mass index and sexual orientation, age of first intercourse, number of partners and frequency of intercourse. The results seem to contradict stereotypes that overweight and obese women have less sex. If anything, the researchers said, the opposite seems to be true. Researchers suspect the stereotype could mean overweight women get different messages than thinner women from physicians regarding pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease prevention, and that their sexual behavior might therefore vary. The survey relied on self-reports, however, and other studies have found that people often lie in sex surveys. A different study in concluded that obesity, as well as smoking, does curb sex.

Fat is key to good sex, says DNA man

I happen to live in Los Angeles, where being over a size 8 is almost a felony. As a plus-size woman, this can be depressing when I am searching for a cute bathing suit or a stylish pair of jeans in a city that considers the "norm" a size 2. At those times, I like to remind myself that the average dress size for women across America and the UK is a size 14 , and that a size 2 is much less common than the norm.
Dr Watson, who directed the successful human genome project, has moved into the controversial science of body image. He told an audience at University College London that his research suggested extra pounds had the biological effect of making a woman well-rounded in character and better in bed. Posh Spice and Calista Flockhart might smile for the photographers, he claimed, but beneath their sleek exteriors lurked miserable thin souls. His study of chemicals in the body has led him to conclude that extra fat has the effect of boosting endorphins - the natural mood-enhancing chemical - and a hormone linked to sexual desire. In thin people, he said, the opposite effect was observed: less fat led to the brain receiving fewer endorphins.