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It even pushes his BST from the bin into the bin, resulting in him scoring better in Arena. His low Speed makes lowering Resistance a bad idea because it penalizes him more when he gets doubled, on top of Resistance being a superbane -4 to the stat. Add in his ability to receive synergistic buffs from both dragon and armor allies; the result is a unit with incredible power and versatility. The former will work in nearly any team composition, while the latter is entirely reliant on receiving powerful Speed buffs like Hone Armor, Hone Dragons, and Goad Armor. The choice between Aether and Bonfire depends on the rest of the build.

Robin: Fell Reincarnation

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If you notice any errors, please report them to a member of our tech support team. Dragon tribe unclear [1]. He is reviled in most of the world as the "Fell Dragon", but the Grimleal in Plegia worship Grima as their god. Approximately years before the events of Fire Emblem Awakening , Grima attempted to conquer the continent by blood-bonding with and possessing humans, with the support of a cult of followers, the Grimleal. Grima was stopped by a man with whom Naga had blood-bonded and who wielded Falchion and therefore very probably a descendant of Marth ; in his defeat, Grima was slain and is in the modern era considered to be "sleeping. The remainder of the Grimleal after Grima's defeat founded the nation of Plegia , and the cult waited for a child to be born with pure enough blood of Grima to be his vessel, thereby facilitating his return. To ensure that the past would fall into disarray, the future Grima traveled back in time with the body of Robin of his timeline and attempted to possess Robin.

Fallen Robin (M)

Grima tends to go by the title of the Fell Dragon and is feared by most of the world. Grima originally had no name and was just referred to as the Creation. Engineered by a mad alchemist named Forneus in a bid to create the perfect lifeform, he was the product of many materials, including the blood of a Divine Dragon , something that Forneus had taken a great risk to acquire. With it, Forneus mixed the blood with human fluids, certain herbs, and nectar, and sealed the concoction inside a vial for 40 days.

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