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Nicolette Eagletown stood naked before the full length mirror in her bedroom observing her own beautiful body. Becky, as everyone called her, would be nineteen in two months. She slipped on a pair of red bikini panties, then, a loose sweat pants tops and bottoms before slipping into cross trainers. She fluffed her hair, grabbed her purse and headed downstairs. Christen Eagletown was at the table in the tiny den of their house which she used as a workroom.

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When I was eighteen I thought that I was finally a grown up as much as any adult; I knew it all. I was smart, I was fully developed physically, as well as sexually so I thought. In the sixties in the U. My parents were helping me with my first year college tuition and board but made it clear that I was on my own as far as paying for fun. There was no money for a car so I made do as best I could.
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