Fully clothed in pool

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After baking in the summer sun, nothing quite compares to taking a dunk in a swimming pool. Pools are for peace…. All was quiet there; all was well. And then she noticed rippling water in what had at first appeared to be an empty community pool. Jennifer Potter was an assistant manager at an Indianapolis apartment complex called Brookwood. One of her daily responsibilities was making sure no one needed any help and everything seemed in order.


Bucketlist » Jump in a pool fully clothed (Official Bucket List)

But not usually when you are 39 and attending a fancy schmancy evening out with about 80 local social media experts and promoting a good cause and tasting wine and sampling bruschetta. Amber talking about Mile High Mamas. And everyone listening. And being lovely. And attentive. But the crowd started to dwindle, as it does, and we remaining ladies tiptoed our way up to the rooftop pool at the Warwick hotel in Denver.

An Unsettling Sound Had This Woman Jumping Into Her Community Pool Fully Clothed

Even when kids take swimming lessons and learn to be comfortable in the water at a very young age, it is still some time before they have the strength and coordination to be considered swimmers. At the earliest ages, kids can learn to float on their backs, get to the side of the pool and pull themselves out. Or they may learn to hold onto the side of the pool and scoot over to the steps to climb out there. Accidents often happen when a child is fully clothed.
Post to Facebook Post to Twitter Share. This item has been flagged for attention. Flag as inappropriate. OK so this is now ticked off, probably not my favourite experience as it is winter in Sydney and the water temp was too cold, but I jumped in the pool in a suit.