Girls playing football

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More girls are playing high school football , even as the sport draws fewer participants overall in an injury-conscious era. The sport remains male-dominated, with no women playing in the N. But some high school girls, playing on teams of boys, are gaining attention for their achievements. For example, last fall, the high school quarterback Holly Neher threw a touchdown pass in Florida, making headlines as the first girl known to do so in state history. And K-Lani Nava, a kicker, became the first girl in Texas to score points in a high school state championship game. Center, which studies chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the degenerative brain disease caused by repeated blows to the head.

List of female American football players

Should Girls Play Football? | Girls Can't WHAT?

Women's gridiron football , more commonly known as women's American football , women's Canadian football , or simply women's football, is a form of gridiron football American or Canadian played by women. Most leagues play by the same rules as their male counterparts, with one exception: women's leagues use a slightly smaller football. Men primarily play on a semi-professional or amateur level in the United States. Very few high schools or colleges offer the sport solely for women and girls; however, on occasion, it is permissible for a female player to join an otherwise male team. The evidence of women playing organized football was in and in It was then that an NFL team called the Frankford Yellow Jackets the predecessors to the modern Philadelphia Eagles employed a women's team for halftime entertainment. The following is a list of notable female American football players who have either played for predominantly men's American football teams at the youth, high school, college , or semi-professional levels, played in the Legends Football League , or played in traditional women's tackle football leagues such as the Women's Football Alliance , Independent Women's Football League , and Women's Spring Football League.

There’s a Rising Number of Girls Playing Football

Every week I get emails from young girls who love football. Not just watching football, but actually playing the game. And not just going in as the token field goal kicker. They want to play full on tackle football. But football is one of those touchy areas where men still dominate and girls are thought too weak and unskilled to play.
In November , Sam Gordon, then 9 years old, took the world by storm after her father posted a video of her on YouTube playing on a peewee football team. She ran circles around the other players on the field — all boys. Today, Sam is in the eighth grade and she plays on a team in the the all-girls Utah Girls Tackle Football League near Salt Lake City, which she and her father helped start a couple years back. The league began with roughly 50 girls and four teams in its first year, doubled in size last year, and they are hoping to have somewhere between and girls this year when the season starts up in a couple of months.