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Invariably you'll be able to listen to a unofficial bootleg of the song in question, where the bedroom remixer's decided that the best way to improve "Happy Birthday" or "Greensleeves" or Mozart's "Turkish March" is to inject it with a massively OTT rhythmic track that has absolutely no relation to the song in question whatsoever. And that's part of the joy and pleasure of this music—it gives taste a massive middle finger. It is craven and bloated, rough and ready, queasy and uneasy. It's music for provincial fairgrounds and library car parks, music that soundtracks adolescent escapades and feats of dering-do that'll go unrepeated. It is music as total freedom.

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Sign Out. Sign In. Try It Now. Rotterdam Termination Source. DJ Paul. Burnin' Love. Criticall Mass.

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You all know happy hardcore right? A genre filled with chipmunk vocals, nursery rhyme synth riffs and adoring fans who all once owned a Vauxhall Nova SRi. Happy hardcore stemmed from what was known as hardcore and to a certain extent many of the releases between to still contained elements of both hardcore and jungle. The music moved on, borrowing elements from techno and gabber including a faster BPM and somewhat sentimental vocals that are still seen today in the guise of UK hardcore. The market quickly became flooded with copycat tunes making it a real struggle to find good quality releases in the abundance of nonsense.