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This is why we are running a public awareness campaign and asking women and men who care about women to submit their views in the consultation. This guide explains the key issues so you can decide what you think and how best to answer each question. You can follow our guide on-line or click here for a print-friendly version. The Government wants to dramatically expand the scope of this law. It was originally designed to allow a tiny number of medically-diagnosed transsexuals to be legally recognised as the opposite sex, and it was assumed that almost all would have had surgery.

Gender Recognition Act 2004

Gender Recognition Act - Wikipedia

The Gender Recognition Act [1] is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that allows people who have gender dysphoria to change their legal gender. It came into effect on 4 April A Gender Recognition Certificate is the document issued that shows that a person has satisfied the criteria for legal recognition in the acquired gender. The Act gives people with gender dysphoria legal recognition as members of the sex appropriate to their gender identity allowing them to acquire a Gender Recognition Certificate. People whose birth was registered in the United Kingdom or abroad with the British authorities are able to obtain a birth certificate showing their recognised legal sex. Two main exceptions to trans people's legal recognition are that the descent of peerages will remain unchanged important only for primogeniture inheritance and a right of conscience for Church of England clergy who are normally obliged to marry any two eligible people by law.

Fair Play For Women guidance for responding to the GRA consultation

In some cultures, even ancient ones, many transsexuals have voluntarily undergone surgeries to modify their bodies in such a way as to "change their sex". Such a person would forever be childlike - or "girly". These surgeries were also often forcibly done upon captive adult male slaves in order to "domesticate them" as "eunuchs".

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