I caught my parents having sex

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13 People Reveal The Traumatizing Times They Caught Their Parents Having Sex

15 "I Caught My Parents Having Sex" Stories That Will Honestly Make You Cringe

Because it will. It absolutely will. Read on, and thank your lucky stars that you're not these people. By Alexia LaFata. For some of us, the only proof we have that our parents have sex is the fact that we exist. It was only then that I realized what type of scream it was A month later, my parents told me my mom was pregnant with my little sister.

24 Cringe-Worthy Stories From Parents Whose Kids Walked In On Them Having Sex

At least both your parents were going at it. Silver lining! Have you just experienced an FML moment? Feel like sharing it with the other FML users?
One of the toughest challenges of becoming a parent is not losing your identity as a couple. Date nights , make-out sessions, and, of course, sex become a lot harder to engage in spontaneously as kids do everything they can to ruin a romantic moment. Frankly, it's amazing anyone ends up with more than one. The trick, as these couples show, is to keep your wits — and clothes — about you and have a good sense of humor.