I wear my wifes panties

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My Wife Makes Me Wear A Bra and Panties While I Watch Her Have Sex

I am curious to know how many men like to wear their wife's panties? - guyQ by AskMen

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I am curious to know how many men like to wear their wife's panties?

Hi Girls. I love to dress. But, have to keep it a secret. They feel unbelievable and fit great. I have my own, hidden, but enjoy hers more.
Chances are that you came about this article because of you wanting to know the reasons why your husband wears panties. The truth is: you are not alone in this, some time ago, while randomly searching through the internet, I stumbled on a question of a woman on Health24 who is equally as worried as you, asking this same question why her husband wears panties. Who are therefore the crossdressers Transvestites?