Im a grower not a shower

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Men seem to put a lot of their confidence into the size of their member. That being said, some guys behave differently depending upon their size. Confusing for someone who has never heard these terms before. However, they are pretty self-explanatory.

Is It More Common To Be A 'Grower', Or A 'Shower'?

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Remember when you were a kid -- or last night at the bar, whatever -- and you scrunched down a straw wrapper, dropped water on it, and watched in amazement as it grew almost four times its original length? How did that tiny little thing just up and become huge in a matter of seconds? If this sounds extremely similar to a penis, good. We can all agree that penises are crazy: they grow, they shrink, they move on their own And speaking of show, some penises tend to do that more than others We decided to ask penis pros -- or urologists, in layman's terms -- Dr.

Yes, "Growers Vs. Showers" Is A Real Thing

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For many men, penis size is important, as it represents their masculinity and virility. Sometimes, the terms grower and shower are used to describe what happens to a penis length as it goes from a flaccid to an erect state. These terms are subjective. However, in a study, researchers suggested a guideline to distinguish growers from showers and considered factors that might determine which category a man belongs to. The study involved men who were being treated for erectile dysfunction ED.