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Prosecutors on Sunday indicted a year-old resident of the ultra-Orthodox West Bank settlement of Emmanuel for dozens of alleged sex offenses against underage girls. The indictment handed to Uriah Assis by the Tel Aviv District Court said that over the past four years, he used the internet to abuse at least 45 girls aged 13 to 18, along with several young women over The charges against Assis include rape or sodomy of a minor, indecent assault, sexual harassment, making threats, obstruction of justice and the possession and production of child pornography. According to reports, prosecutors said they added the obstruction of justice charge after Assis sought leniency from police during his interrogation, claiming that he had schizophrenia.

Selfie that proved I wasn't a rapist: Israeli freed after Brit's gang rape claim tells of ordeal

'Six Acts' of Oversexed Israeli Teens – The Forward

The image showing Yona Golub in bed with his girlfriend helped to untangle his accuser's tissue of lies because it was taken at the same time she told police she was attacked. The relieved year-old says the photo is the only reason he is back home in Israel and not banged up in a Cypriot jail facing a long sentence. The case against Yona was dropped immediately when he gave police this selfie above his girlfriend took while she was in bed with him on June 17, the morning of the alleged gang rape. Yona Golub, 18, pictured spent 12 days in custody in Cyprus accused of raping a British woman with 11 more Israelis at a hotel in Ayia Napa - but was freed when she changed her story. The image prompted the case against all 12 Israelis to collapse and the British woman, 19, above who MailOnline is not naming, withdrew her statement that she had been raped. Speaking fully for the first time since he was freed, Yona told how he was dragged out of bed by police as officers stormed his hotel.

'Six Acts' of Oversexed Israeli Teens

In a world of insecurity and competition, sometimes the only way for a teenager to raise their social status is to act out — and usually, that involves sex. The dark and unsettling drama tells of a group of Israeli, secular, middle-class teenagers from the same public school who are caught in the web of an oversexed culture. The boys she hangs out with use and abuse her until Gili eventually finds she is no longer in charge of her own actions. But this sort of debate is the reason Segal wrote such a controversial story: She hopes to start a conversation about oversexed teenage life in Israel — a topic, which she says, is hardly addressed. Gurfinkel said statistics show the average Israeli teenager starts to perform oral sex at age 17 — in America, that age is
By Bill Hoffmann. That blunt question has led to untold millions of pleasurable trysts — but for Ofir Rahum, a year-old Israeli boy looking for love, it was an invitation to death. Ofir, an Internet junkie, was killed Jan. Rahum, a Tel Aviv schoolboy, struck up his online friendship with the woman in a chat room. She was Amana Mona, a Palestinian photographer so enraged at seeing Israeli soldiers shoot young militants that she decided to seek revenge, authorities say.