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In a new interview with The Daily Telegraph , Mraz says he was reluctant to come out as bisexual after growing up in the conservative town of Mechanicsville, Virginia. Had it not been for the conservative environment he was born into, he may have come out much sooner. The year-old has talked in vague terms about his sexuality a few times over the years, however. I really like that. All ways.

Jason Mraz gets candid about his sexuality and his experiences with men

Jason Mraz on his sexuality and his experiences with men

The couple married in He credits her for helping him understand his sexuality. I really like that. In a interview, Mraz admitted that he was sexually attracted to men including his gay best friend. However, at the time he had not explored sexual relationships with men. Billboard Jason Mraz. Politics Local D.

EXCLUSIVE: Jason Mraz On ‘Open’ Sexuality, Threesomes and What He Really Meant In Instinct

How cool is Jason Mraz? Not just as a curious kid, but even now as an adult who, as he told us during this interview, is down for some threeway fun. As Mr. So, the grungy look: Is that what happens when you make an album about freedom and love and everyone getting along? Yeah, maybe so.
If the right one came along, then sure. We were basically best friends. Unfortunately, he had a little bit more facial hair than I like. While the singer added that she used to identify as bisexual, she says that changed after reading "about pansexuality.