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During a court-martial at Naval Station Norfolk , Navy prosecutors said Howard used a text messaging app that created a fake phone number. Prosecutors said he then sent text messages pretending to be a female dietitian hired by Naval Special Warfare Development Group. During the sentencing phase, Howard indicated he needed medical care for post-traumatic stress disorder , hearing loss and traumatic brain injury, according to Navy Times. Please direct all licensing questions to legal newscred. The secretary of defense today announced that the stop-movement order in place for all military personnel and their families. The newly formed U.

Navy, Marines Ban Nude Photo-Sharing After Scandal

US Navy nudity scandal: Women officers secretly filmed in shower - Telegraph

Watch live: Trump and coronavirus task force hold White House briefing. The Navy and the Marine Corps have officially banned service members from distributing nude or otherwise intimate photos without the consent of the person depicted — a move that comes in the wake of a nude photo scandal that rocked the military last month. An interim revision to Navy regulations now prohibits the non-consensual or "wrongful distribution or broadcasting of an intimate image" by personnel. The Navy Times, which first reported the story, said the revision was made public in an all-Navy message on Tuesday. The revision was dated Monday. A Navy spokeswoman told NBC News on Wednesday afternoon that the addition "serves to underscore leadership's commitment to eliminating degrading behaviors that erode trust and weaken the Navy and Marine Corps Team.

Navy, Marines Ban Distributing Nude Photos Without Consent Amid Scandal

F emale sailors posted at more than a dozen Naval commands were targeted by online users looking for nude photos the women may have sent to significant others back home or within the military, according to a report published Tuesday evening. Sailors or those close to command personnel are the suspected culprits behind the photo-snatching. The images were then posted to various online boards where active and retired service members can share the naked photos with one another at the expense of the victims.
The revised regulations, which apply to Navy and Marine Corps personnel, were dated Monday and made public on Tuesday, reported Navy Times. The new regulations from the Department of the Navy, which includes the Navy and the Marine Corps, come more than a month after Marine veteran Thomas Brennan, who runs the nonprofit news organization The War Horse , first reported a Marines nude photo-sharing group to Marine Corps officials and wrote about the scandal for The Center for Investigative Reporting. Subsequent reports found that similar groups involving other branches of the military were operating on other private message boards. The revision signed by Acting Navy Secretary Sean Stackley is considered an interim change until a new copy of Navy regulations is printed. Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost?