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The Porch Pirate of Potrero Hill Can’t Believe It Came to This

Stealing Amazon Packages in the Age of Nextdoor - The Atlantic

In August , a something product marketing manager at Google, expecting some deliveries, got an iPhone ping from his porch surveillance camera as it recorded a black woman in a neon hoodie plucking some bundles off his San Francisco stoop. After arriving home that afternoon, the Googler got in his Subaru Impreza to hunt for any remnants strewn around the streets of his Potrero Hill neighborhood. Instead, he spotted Fairley herself, boarding a city bus, which he trailed while dialing Minutes later, he watched responding police officers pull their cruiser in front of the bus and escort her off. The officers wrote Fairley a ticket with a court date a month later. To hear more feature stories, see our full list or get the Audm iPhone app.

The series was created by Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen , who aimed to create a program that would appeal to all the members of a family rather than simply to children and teens. It revolves around a family, the Singhs, as they try to adjust to the birth of their fourth child, Nikki. In each episode, Dolly Singh, the character of the older sister, creates a video blog diary containing advices for Nikki about 'surviving' their family and life as a teenager. Dolly tries to show Nikki what she might go through in the diary so she will always know how to figure things out. In the third season of the show, Nikki's younger sibling Bobby is born.

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