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Appropriately, this pioneering history of the depiction of the human body, which began with the Mellon Lectures, was largely written in the home of Bernard Berenson, the art historical master to whom it is dedicated. In ancient times, the nude had been used to express fundamental human needs, for instance, the need for harmony and order Apollo versus the need to sublimate sexual desire Venus. Clark, the most refined and sophisticated of critics, was also surreptitiously advancing a very British kind of popular paganism through his acknowledgment of the power of Eros. In hindsight, The Nude can be identified as a turning point for the incipient sexual revolution of the 60s. Probably no one would be more surprised at this suggestion than Clark. In his writing, the former academic historian aims to celebrate and admire the sensuality of the naked human form, expressing himself elegantly and without over-complication.

The 100 best nonfiction books: No 27 – The Nude: A Study of Ideal Art by Kenneth Clark (1956)

Deconstructing Myths about the Nude in Renaissance Art | The Getty Iris

Thomas Kren October 9, 8 min read. Images of the naked human body provoke conflicting feelings: shame, admiration, curiosity, desire, disgust, anger. This is especially true when these images appear in public spaces, whether physical or virtual. Nudity on European beaches, for example, is falling in popularity because of shame linked to social media. Facebook has drawn ire for removing images of naked bodies by celebrated artists such as Peter Paul Rubens and Pablo Picasso. This is why you will see only a discreet detail on the street banners for The Renaissance Nude , an exhibition opening at the Getty Center on October None of these conflicted responses to the human body, however, is especially new.

The Nude: A Study in Ideal Form

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