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Why he's hot: Steve Coogan is basically a modern-day Peter Sellers and is sure to make you laugh all the way to the bedroom. Why he's hot: Liam will make you swoon with his Irish ruggedness. He looks better doing it than most of the younger men in Hollywood. Why he's hot: Giancarlo Esposito is an ideal man, tbh.

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Actor The Departed. Alec Baldwin is the oldest, and best-known, of the four Baldwin brothers in the acting business the others are Stephen Baldwin , William Baldwin and Daniel Baldwin. Actor Ocean's Eleven. One of Hollywood's most private and guarded leading men, Andy Garcia has created iconic characters while at the same time staying true to his acting roots and personal projects.

29 Older Men Who Will Make You Weak In The Knees

Give now. The talented actor — who manages to look even sexier with gray hair — is No. Born: Dec.
A few weeks ago I decided it was time to travel back to my hometown to visit with family and friends. I tend to do this every few months with the intentions of catching up and reminiscing, but this last visit was a tad different. While out for a drink with some people, I bumped into a large group of people I hadn't seen since high school.