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It was a video selfie of a man masturbating. Plenty of French politicians have survived sex scandals. He was behind in the polls, but losing seemed preferable to giving up. Are the French becoming like Americans, who punish public officials for private sins? How did the attention-seeking Russian artist who released the tape manage to disrupt a French election?

Sex, lies and video: scandals rock K-pop world

France shrugs at sex scandals. But after a leaked video, this politician bowed out - NZ Herald

SEOUL Reuters - Police in South Korea questioned two K-pop stars and two other singers resigned on Thursday, as accusations of sex tapes, prostitutes and secret chat about rape rocked the music industry and hit entertainment stocks. The blame game triggered by accusations against the boyish stars who epitomize an industry that carried South Korean pop culture to the global stage is rooted in concerns the business has neglected morality in its lust for fame and fortune. Singer Lee Seung-hyun, 28, better known by the stage name Seungri, is suspected of paying for prostitutes for foreign businessmen to drum up investment in his business. On Wednesday, Jung admitted to having shared videos he took secretly while having sex with women. He appeared at the same police station earlier on Thursday to help police with an investigation into suspicions that he distributed the videos. Lee and Jung were both members of online chat groups where secret sex tapes were shared, and men joked about drugging and raping women, the broadcaster SBS said.

Teacher-Student Sex Scandals

Being married carries along with it the right of maintenance, right of inheritance, a right to own joint bank accounts, etc. But what about the rights of same sex couples who wish to be together? Can the Special Marriages Act be made gender neutral?
A sex scandal brought an end to the campaign of a Paris mayoral candidate on Friday, an unusual episode in a country with a reputation for shrugging over extramarital affairs and the private lives of its politicians. Benjamin Griveaux announced he was ending his campaign after the circulation of an undated video apparently depicting him masturbating - footage the politician allegedly recorded on his phone and sent to a woman who was not his wife. His departure shakes up the Paris mayoralty race. With only a month to go before the vote, President Emmanuel Macron's party now does not have a candidate - though Griveaux had been trailing in the polls.