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Four best friends pile onto a couch in an attic playroom in a leafy suburb of Boston. It is the fall of , just a few hours after school has let out for Thanksgiving break. Every few minutes, someone screams, "Ewwwwww! Who's dating who? She has long blond hair, arched eyebrows and a gigantic smile. She has an innocent face and wears a pink fleece jacket and dangly star earrings.

Sexy Tween Girl Costumes Are Still the Scariest Part of Halloween

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It's a perfect choice: Rey is a smart, brave role model of a character who can hold her own against a Sith Lord any day. The costume is easy to buy online or at retailers, and even if it weren't, it's fairly easy to pull together out of leggings and fabric strips. But mostly, I'm glad that I don't have to worry that my daughter will get arrested on Halloween night for indecent exposure. When I was a girl back in the Cenozoic Era, kids wore the same basic store-bought costumes for All Hallows' Eve: flimsy long robes that we always tripped over, topped off with plastic masks that pinched around the eyes and made our faces sweat. Today, it's all about fancy costumes with even fancier price tags. Sadly, it's also about making young girls look like junior sexpots. Oh, sure, the classics are still there: Cinderella, Elsa, Barbie, Minnie.

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Billions of dollars are on the line in the fashion industry which targets the 8-to set known as tweens. But it's a line increasingly blurred between cute and hot, adorable and sexual. It was just about a decade ago that the marketing and advertising industries popularized the phrase "tween" to sell 8- to year-olds everything from entertainment to clothing. It's making it harder for parents to set boundaries.

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