Sims 4 shower woohoo

Duration: 8min 46sec Views: 1285 Submitted: 21.02.2020
Category: Smoking
December I'm having an issue in the game where the option for woohooing in the shower is grayed out, saying that "You need a potential lover on the lot. The relationship bar is pretty much maxed out in green and the sims do not have the hydrophohic trait. It also doesn't matter where I put the shower; the option for woohooing in the shower still stays grayed out with the same message. Go to Solution. I found out what was wrong; it was an issue with my cache files.

The Sims 4: Shower WooHoo VFX found in Game Files

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The Sims 4: Shower Woohoo (Discover University)

Unless you start off with a pre-made couple in CAS, your Sims will have to establish a romantic relationship with another Sim. Once they reach this level, they can enjoy some fun in bed, in the rocketship, or in the observatory. Woohoo is not always satisfying either. Special moodlets included!
Posted on December 2, by Scarlet. Shower woohoo with their clothes on…really? Not anymore!